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In an increasingly competitive environment, product development companies are challenged to develop new products in the shortest possible time, control product development costs, and increase operational efficiencies in manufacturing. Besides product innovation, improved utilization of resources and efficient system to scale through effective partnerships is essential for success.With over six decades of experience in engineering services, Geometric has worked successfully with multiple global companies to reduce product development costs, shorten lead times, and improve resource utilization by providing engineering services across the entire product realization value chain. Our end-to-end engineering solutions in areas of product engineering, manufacturing engineering, and industrial & production engineering spans multiple domains of automotive, off-highway, aerospace, industrial products, marine & ship building, and consumer packaged goods.
Our key strengths

  • End-to-End Services –
    Our services address the complete engineering value chain
  • Domain Expertise –
    Our team possess relevant domain expertise in various industries
  • Robust Delivery Process –
    Our Global Delivery Model offers significant cost benefits and round the clock productivity
  • Proven people, processes and technologies


Engineering services and solutions portfolio

Geometric Engineering services and solutions portfolio

Through our global engineering delivery model, we leverage our local presence and global reach to provide benefits like global cost efficiencies and global capacities with local interfaces for the comfort of engineering teams. Our security policies and quality management systems comply with various international standards such as ISO 270001 and ISO 9001:2008 frameworks.

Innovative adoption of productivity tools & technologies

We differentiate ourselves through innovative adoption of our proprietary tools & technologies, which address various aspects of design and manufacturing lifecycle and complement contemporary engineering tools.

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